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After that select the problem controller and choose the update option. As the title says, I’ve used the wireless adapter in the past and that’s usually a fairly smooth experience although it’ll sometimes randomly disconnect and then reconnect. However, I’m currently using the same Xbox one controller with the updated firmware but have now plugged it in directly via the USB port on the back of my NVIDIA shield. If I click use the device, it uses it for a few seconds and then the controller disappears and then reappears. If I click auto-use, it’s just a never ending cycle of disconnecting and reconnecting and I can’t do anything there. I’m not really sure on how to access the server side log but I can go dig it up if I know where to find it.

  • When I try to open the program that error pops up.
  • To troubleshoot compatibility for a specific program, simply right-click it and select the “Troubleshoot compatibility” option from the contextual menu.
  • If the mouse connects to a USB hub, try connecting the mouse to a USB port on the back of the computer.
  • Be alert for scammers posting why is my printer not printing fake support phone numbers and/or email addresses on the community.
  • Many applications and games require drivers and software support for proper operation.

Your Xbox controller and console may be wrongly placed. They may not be in each others connection range. And that may be a reason why your Xbox controller disconnects randomly. Therefore, to fix the issue, place the controller and console near one another.

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However, if the battery is dead or having some leakage issue, its best to replace it before using the Xbox One. So, go to a retail shop or a technician for getting a new battery for the Xbox controller and connect it to your computer. If the problem persists and you still observe Xbox One controller keeps disconnecting, try the remaining methods. Often the Xbox One controller device can continue to disconnect from the PC or laptop if its wireless enabled. Hence, the main issue can arise in the form of connectivity range, which is why the controller is disconnecting. So, you can troubleshoot this error by placing the gaming console and the controller within close proximity.

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Well, the Xbox One controller seems to have audio support (there’s a headphone jack in the controller) but that doesn’t seem to be exposed via BT so it should make no difference. For BT dongles that use CSR chipsets that command will help connect the controller when it doesn’t connect automatically. I was thinking it might be an issue with the board the USB ports reside on in the front, but yeah; the cable of your controller is more logical. Sounds like you’re in the same situation Skorpion had and sadly there’s no real good fix for it other than opening the console to repair it. A work around though would be to use the one in the rear. Granted it will use up some of the cable since you’re having to wire it back there; I’d recommend finding a USB extension cable or even try a USB hub. I can’t say for certain the hub would work with the 360, however, I’ve used extension cables on it before and it worked fine.

So these are the simple reasons why your Xbox One controller keeps disconnecting. I will go into detail with various methods and how exactly you can troubleshoot your Xbox One controller.